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About Us

Grampian Housing Association

Established in 1975, Grampian is a fast growing housing association based in the North east of Scotland. Through direct development and stock transfer we now offer housing management and property maintenance services to over 1,000 households in Aberdeenshire and Moray.

Independently and through a variety of partnerships, homes are built to meet the housing needs of a wide range of client groups, including single people, couples, families, older people and people with special needs. As well as providing affordable homes for rent we take part in low cost home ownership initiatives including shared ownership (a part-rent, part-buy scheme) and Homestake (a new shared equity scheme).

The Association accepts applications from anyone over the age of sixteen who is in housing need, as long as the type and size of accommodation provided by the Association is suitable for their needs.

Grampian’s Head Office is at 74 Huntly Street, Aberdeen. The Association also has an office at 21 Culbard Street, Elgin where services are delivered to tenants and applicants in Moray and Huntly in Aberdeenshire.

Langstane Housing Association

Langstane Housing Association was established in 1977. The association is registered as a Registered Social Landlord with Communities Scotland and currently provide housing for over 1,000 tenants throughout Moray and Aberdeenshire.

Langstane also have charitable status and operate in accordance with this.

The ethos is to provide housing for people who may be disadvantaged in the housing market whilst continuing to contribute to the regeneration and sustainability of communities.

Langstane Housing Association is committed to working with local councils, support agencies and other housing providers to increase the provision of good quality affordable housing throughout Grampian for single people, couples and families.

Langstane Housing Association’s Head Office is at 680 King Street, Aberdeen, although there is also an area office at 21 Culbard Street, Elgin for the provision of housing services to tenants and applicants in Moray and North West Aberdeenshire.

Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership

Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership is a charitable organisation and was registered as a Housing Association in 1999 with Communities Scotland. The Partnership is governed by a Board of Directors.

AHP manages approximately 600 properties in Aberdeenshire, including mainstream housing, a very sheltered housing scheme and a number of smaller schemes for those with learning and physical disabilities, scattered across the large geographical area of Aberdeenshire.

Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership is committed to growth and to providing a range of high quality affordable housing.

Homehunt NES

Homehunt NES is a choice based letting system. This means instead of keeping a waiting list, properties are advertise and prospective tenants decide if they want to bid for them.

Castlehill Housing Association and Tenants First Housing Co-operative are working together with Homehunt to allocate their empty properties. Below is a brief summary about both Castlehill Housing Association and Tenants First Housing Co-operative.

Castlehill Housing Association was formed in 1970 and provides rented accommodation for single people and families, sheltered and very sheltered for the over 60’s and shared ownership housing and flats for older people. Castlehill is a registered charity and is regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator. Castlehill is governed by a Management Committee.

Tenants First Housing Co-operative is the largest fully mutual housing co-operative in Britain meaning that it is wholly controlled by tenants. Tenants First was formed in 2000 and has over 600 properties in Aberdeenshire, providing accommodation or single people and families.

Moray Housing Partnership

Established in 1999 as the first locally based Housing Association in Moray, MHP Ltd is a registered charity and is regulated by Communities Scotland.

The Partnership is a fast growing and developing Housing Association which owns and manages over 350 properties. MHP provides quality affordable housing and services to meet housing need in Moray. Properties include a range of 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom houses and flats and some purpose built wheelchair adapted properties in various communities in the Moray Area.

The Partnership is governed by a voluntary Board of Management whose membership is made up of tenants and community representatives.

Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association

Hanover (Scotland) was formed as an independent, non-profit making, charitable organisation in 1979 and is registered as a housing association with Communities Scotland. Hanover manages homes for more than 830 households in Aberdeenshire and Moray offering the choice of rented, shared ownership and fully owned housing.

Hanover specialise in housing for older people but also have a very small number of developments providing housing for families often designed around a cul-de-sac or courtyard to provide a safer environment for children and pets.

All developments aim to meet the individual housing and support needs of people in a sensitive and dignified way, ensuring they are able to retain their independence, live within a local community and enjoy as much privacy or company as they desire.

Aberdeenshire Council

Aberdeenshire Council was established in April 1996, replacing three District Councils (Gordon District, Banff & Buchan and Kincardine & Deeside) and Grampian Regional Council. The Council area extends to 6,313 sq km (2,437 square miles) and serves a population of approximately 250,000

Aberdeenshire Council are the largest provider of housing in the Apply4Homes partnership and own approximately 13,000 properties.

The Council allocates housing based on a needs assessment and an Allocation Policy is published detailing how properties are allocated. The council allocate approximately 1,000 properties per year, however have very long waiting lists and the turnover of family sized housing is particularly slow.

The Council also provides a service to help those who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

In addition to directly providing Council houses, the Housing Service has a duty to plan housing provision throughout Aberdeenshire, in partnership with Housing Associations, Scottish Government, the NHS, Enterprise agencies and private developers.

The Moray Council

The Moray Council’s Housing Service is the biggest local provider of social rented Housing in Moray. We own and maintain approximately 5,900 properties.

We allocate housing based on housing need. Our allocation policy aims to tackle housing need in Moray. This policy helps us decide who we think is in most need of housing and how to make the best use of the housing we have available. We assess each applicant’s housing need and award set levels of points for different types of housing circumstances (for example, overcrowding or lack of facilities) and personal circumstances (for example, medical points). The number of points that we give an application will decide a person’s place on the housing list. In line with our policy, we will assess everyone in a fair and consistent way and will treat everyone applying equally.

There is a lack of affordable housing in Moray. One of the reasons for this shortage has been the effect of the Right to Buy policy. People purchased their Council homes but not enough new homes were built to replace them. In March 2006, the Moray Council was granted pressurised area status in certain areas. The purpose of pressured area status is to protect the amount of affordable rented housing in a Council area and to make sure that there are enough houses for people who need them. It means that for certain tenants living in these areas, the right to buy is suspended for a period of up to five years. Full details are available on our website.

The Moray Council have a downsizing incentive scheme. This is a voluntary scheme. It supports Moray council tenants who live in housing that is too large for their needs to consider moving to a smaller house. If you apply and meet the criteria for the scheme, we offer practical advice and financial help. If you are interested, please phone 0300 1234566.

We try to prevent homelessness and provide housing options together with support to people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.
A Guide to Housing Options in Moray is available on our website. This guide gives details on how to apply for Council housing, Shared Ownership, Home Improvement and Repair Grants, renting in the private sector, Landlords Registration Scheme and much more.

We also have several ‘strategic’ functions in relation to all housing within Moray, not just council houses. Our strategic function includes developing a Local Housing Strategy (LHS). The LHS sets out how we will tackle housing problems within Moray and the resources that are needed and the time in which the various tasks need to be completed. Although we produce the LHS, it is a result of working together with other housing providers, services within the Council, agencies such as NHS Grampian and the public.



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